Sunday, July 31, 2011

Say what?

I ended up missing two days of work last week. Dr. Sedgwick sent me home on Wednesday and I didn't start feeling better until Saturday. My roommate said she knew I was still alive when she heard me cough.

My friend Forough moved in with us for the rest of the week so it's nice to have a buddy to hang with. Today we went to Pinkberry and got groceries.

At Pinkberry I was telling the man which toppings I want, pointed to the chocolate chips, and said "but not too much". As he was finishing he took a giant scoop of some other random topping and handed me my treat. I gave him a puzzled look. Then I realized my sickly man voice made "not too much" sound like "more chocolate crunch". Oh well. It was still delish.

I have my paper due this Thursday and my presentation on Friday. Yikes! Then I fly to Vegas on Saturday to see the boys again: Jon and Coop!

Time to get a little work done now so I can look forward to the next two nights of Bachelorette madness.

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  1. Coop and I can't wait to see you!!! Finish strong!